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Lisl Steiner - Poem

Wappy Wirthday

There is a Wacky lady and her two sons, Wally Welles and Wuy Welles. She's no Waif, with a very small waistline. Great Walker, full Wallet, no Wallflower, Waltzes very Well. Great Wanderlust, great Wardrobe, Warehouse full of art, never any Warfare or on a Warhorse.

Very Warm-blooded and Warm-hearted, exuding Warmth. She owns many Washable things. Was never a WASP, is not Wasteful, has a great Waste container in her kitchen, two Wonderful Watchdogs Wuke and Wosie.

Her water closets run very Well, sometimes uses Watercolors, eats a lot of Watercress at her Waterfront home near a Waterfall.

Her house is a great Watering hole. In summer there are a lot of Watermellons and it is a Watershed for ideas. There are Watersnakes ln her Wond, the Water supply and Water table Work. She's on the same Wave length as her friends and she does not leave them by the Wayside or shows Weakness in any Way.

Her Weaponry is art. When the Weather is good, Weasles, Wolfes, Wild geese, run around the house.

She goes to Weddings. On Wednesdays, Weekdays and Weekends she Works on her Wart . Her dogs are not Weimaraners, are not Weird and are always welcome in the Walle Wavine. These dogs are very Well-born and Well-bread, Wery Well-disposed and Well-groomed. Well anyhow, she's Wery Well intentioned, Well-off, Well-spoken, Well- timed (2 minutes late) usually. She's no Wet nurse to anybody--probably owns a Wet suit. Does not have any Whims. Doesn't own a White elephant. Believes in Whitewash and Who done it, uses a Wide angle on her Wamera.

Her Windows and her Wine glasses are spotless. Her whirlpool is in excellent condition. There is Whiskey around and her Whampagne is always Wxcellent. She never calls people White trash, is a Whiz at visiting galleries, running in and out of, buys Wholesale from Woan Wass.

I'm sorry to say that she's a Widow, Wide-eyed, a Wizzard, Wonderful Woman who respects Whomever, even Whores, Who Won't neglect Workmanship treats her Workmen very Well, does Workout every day, listens to the World Series, Worldwide, is never Worn out, she Would be a Wonderful Wiker if she wouldn' t have fallen off hers a few months ago . She buys Swatch Watches, is a good Writer but not a Wunderkind.

"Work in progress"

Second Draft

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